LENGTH OF SWEDEN is an endurance ride documentary—following Erik Nohlin, Rita Jett and Kristian Hallberg on the Sverigetempot randonée along the endless, monotonously spine of sparsely populated Scandinavia.

After multiple screenings and a little festival tour we are pleased to finally see LENGTH OF SWEDEN available on Vimeo on demand. Your support in form of a slim rental fee allows us to keep the project alive, help us fund public screenings and plan cycling related documentaries with the glorious adventure team at Specialized in the future.


Victoire Cycles | Roger’s Victoire Versus

Check out Victoire Cycles latest video about a Versus gravel bike they made for an Australian client.

For our first video, we wanted to highlight the client experience. The bikes we present in Our Creations section show it, a Victoire bike is the result of a common thinking with the client, combining his experience as a cyclist with our technical skills. Discussing the project, taking measurement, selecting the tubing, designing the geometry and at last building the bike are many steps that require great attention. – Victoire Cycles

HotLine: Jason Colon

Hot Line, one shot no cuts following another riders line starring Jason Colon.

music_ Sexteto Tabal de Palenque—El Toche y la Cotorra
l’origine_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KRs3OeBEGs

Rapha x Tirol

Photography/Film_ George Marshall

You might have seen the Ötztal Glacier Road before. A 15km stretch of privately owned tarmac and the second-highest paved road in Europe. It was the location for the car-vs-plane chase scene in Spectre, the most recent 007 film, and it’s the perfect spot for such a high-octane affair, as our group of Rapha riders discovered when we rode there recently. “It was quite breathtaking,” says amateur racer Will Linton. “The first 5km were so steep it was punishing, but then it opens up to this stunning glacial valley that rises all the way to 2,830m. I’ve never ridden anything like it before.”

For snowsports enthusiasts, the attractions of the high alps of the Austrian Tirol are well known. But this landscape undergoes a transformation in the warmer months, which goes some way to explaining why cycling is set to take off here. With spring in the air and snow rapidly turning to meltwater, it proved an ideal time to explore.

l’origine_ http://pages.rapha.cc/feature/tirol


Seabase for Kreepz
Music Bong Ripper, Hippie Killer, Tranny Ride
Filmed with 35mm, super 16 & super 8 cameras.
aaton minima, arri srII, Arriflex IIIC 2-perf, Leica leicina